PepsiCo SSA Development Fund

Partnerships Application

PepsiCo is seeking partners committed to co-creating solutions within South Africa's food system.

Ideal partners have business and development 'shared value' outcomes, and through the PepsiCo Development Fund will strive to create local jobs, increase local procurement, build small businesses, support education and holistically contribute to black economic empowerment in South Africa

Development Fund Priorities

The PepsiCo Development Fund is looking for partners offering a full suite of services, expertise and resources willing to make a long-term commitment to build resilience and inclusivity within South Africa's food system.

The Development Fund will prioritize activities that:
  • Build the capacity of disadvantaged emerging farmers and black-owned businesses.
  • Promote regenerative agriculture practices.

  • Encourage the adoption of innovation to revitalize local production within South Africa's agriculture sector.

The Development Fund will also prioritize impacts across PepsiCo's full value chain through increased access to education, finance and mentorship for women, youth, and black South Africans.

Below is an overview of the Development Fund's three pillars as well as the proposed timeline for the partnership application process.

Three Pillars of Impact

Agricultural Development

PepsiCo is committed to building the professional capacity of emerging black farmers. The Development Fund will support the creation of inclusive Integrated Agro Learning Centers to showcase best practices and offer hands-on learning opportunities. The Development fund will also focus on providing access to affordable capital, offering year-round technical support, and increasing the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices to build farmer resilience.


PepsiCo believes the transformation of food systems depends on the development of human capital. PepsiCo is seeking partnerships with universities, early career programmes, workforce development agencies and service providers to address key knowledge and skill gaps. The Development Fund will focus primarily on providing research opportunities, learnerships, bursaries and leadership development programs to support the skills development of historically disadvantaged South Africans.

Enterprise Development

Part of the Development Fund's mission is to support black-owned enterprises that aim to contribute to the advancement and innovative capacity of the South African food system. To accomplish this, the Development Fund aims to offer impactful financing solutions, capacity building and mentorship programs, boost networks and distribution for entrepreneurs, and accelerate food innovation startups that address key business or systemic challenges.


Application Process

Process and Deadlines

Feb 11 & 17

Partner Q&A Sessions

PepsiCo will host two online sessions to answer any questions from potential partners regarding the application process or materials provided. Please register for the session on February 11th here and for the session on February 17th here.

Feb 26

Partner Application Deadline

Completed applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the deadline on 26 February 2021.


Shortlisted Partners Notified

The selection panel will review applications and invite a shortlisted set of finalists to a live pitch process in March. The shortlisted applicants will present their concepts, and engage with the evaluation committee directly.


Selection Results Announced

Successful partners will be notified in late March or early April. These partners will then be invited to begin structuring programs in anticipation of the launch.


The following attributes are essential to the vision of the Development Fund and will form the key measurement criteria when applications are reviewed.

Mission Alignment

Does your organization have a clear understanding of the constraints faced by black South Africans and have a track record of serving this population?

Convening Capacity

Does your network within the country or abroad bring unique ability to scale and contribute to "shared value solutions"?

Complementary Expertise

Are you able to offer a service, expertise or resource that aligns with the potential programming and augments the intended impact of the fund?


How do you measure success and ensure your results are continually reinforced after the funding for the program begins to wind down?

Application Materials

Click here to download a presentation on the application categories

Click here to download the request for applications for all partners

Click here to download the supplement for partners who are also suppliers

Click here to download Frequently Asked Questions.
Application Submission

Please follow the submission instructions outlined on page 2 of the application. If you have any questions about the process or wish to be added to the Q&A session, please contact us at [email protected].